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In 4Ancient there are two Iberian enemy kingdoms: Derion and Valorian. Choose which kingdom you would like to fight for. As one of their supporters you will fight in fantastic battles to secure peace throughout the country and to help reveal its legendary secrets. The fate of the country lies in your hands. Discover the world of 4Ancient and become part of this thrilling role playing game with a clever battle system and exciting missions. Travel through time, discover unknown territories and master different challenges.


  • Numerous quests, an exciting atmosphere and the audiovisual presentation of NPCs provide you with hours of fun.
  • Access to closed areas (dungeons) for individual player groups, risky challenges and fantastic rewards await you.
  • Fight directly against other players in daily wars of conquests and receive rewards for your successes.
  • Set up groups and experience adventures together with other players, navigate strategical battles using the real-time strategic command system.
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